Amélioration des connaissances sur les ressources en eau souterraine dans les formations carbonatées

Caves of Kefalonia
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Discover the caves of Kefalonia (Cephalonia) :

Use the interactive map to zoom in the area of your interest in Kefalonia. This map is not exhaustive. It includes the information we collected from ESE library and greek cavers. We updated this map by field observations, during 4 expeditions we did across the island. Our observations focus on the Bay of Sami and the Ainos Mount.

Acknowledgment :

- Pely, Xenia, Maria, Dimitris, Liana, Manolis.

- Expedition : Bruno, Honoré, Luc, Pierro, Johan, Christophe, Claude-Pascale, Stef, Denis, Adèle, Xenia, Maria.